Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Top 10 Sandwich fillings

  1. Coronation Chicken
  2. Tuna Mayo
  3. Chips
  4. Jam
  5. Cheese & Pickle
  6. Sausage
  7. Chorizo, Cheese & Mayo
  8. BLT
  9. BL
  10. B

Monday, October 27, 2008

Top Ten Cakes

  1. Battenburg
  2. Victoria Sponge
  3. Crumble
  4. Chocolate based cakes
  5. Carrot cake
  6. Cheesecake (Must have biscuit base) (double points for fruit topping)
  7. Black forest gateux
  8. Spotted dick (easy on the spots)
  9. Pancake
  10. Fruit Cake

Friday, October 24, 2008

iPod, iShuffle, iTunes, iPhone .. what next for apple?

iShades (not a bad iDea)

What have they all got in common?

Stilian Petrov
Aston Villa

Anthony Gardner

David Murphy

Steven Taylor

Luke Moore
Aston Villa

Zatyiah Knight
Aston Villa

Ben Hutchinson

Joey Barton

Dickson Etuhu

Bobby Zamora
West Ham

Abou Diaby

Dwight Yorke

Stern John

Ashley Cole

Javier Mascherano

Steve Howard

Rade Prica

Giles Barnes

Phil Jagielka

Joseph Yobo

Brett Emerton

Fabio Aurelio

Emre Belözoglu

Nedum Onuoha
Manchester City

Lee Carsley

Dean Whitehead

Nemanja Vidic
Manchester United

Abdoulaye Diagne-Faye

Leroy Lita

Carlos Bocanegra


Anthony Stokes

Liam Ridgewell

Victor Anichebe

George Boateng

Marlon King

Kelvin Etuhu
Manchester City

David Dunn

Noe Pamarot

Gilberto Silva

Claudio Cacapa

Marek Matejovsky

Ivan Campo

Lewin Nyatanga

Andy Reid

Scott Parker
West Ham

Lee Cattermole

Wilfred Bouma
Aston Villa

Gavin McCann

Kalifa Ciss

Liam Miller

Ji-Sung Park
Manchester United

Glen Johnson

Fabio Rochemback

Daniel Omoya Braaten

Freddie Sears
West Ham

Habib Beye

Robert Huth

Danny Collins

Jonathan Woodgate

Chris Riggott

Hameur Bouazza

Sami HyypiÃ

Mikel Arteta

Sol Campbell

Jamie O'Hara

Luke Young

Kevin Kilbane

Jason Koumas

Michael Dawson

Alan Stubbs

Curtis Davies
Aston Villa

David Jones

Bacary Sagna

Tyrone Mears

Mohamed Lamine Sissoko

Paul Scholes
Manchester United

Adam Johnson

Gary Speed

John Terry

George McCartney
West Ham

Daniel Sturridge
Manchester City

Ricardo Carvalho

Lassana Diarra

Robert Earnshaw

Matthew Upson
West Ham

Tamir Cohen

Stephen Warnock

Wes Brown
Manchester United

James Vaughan

Andy Todd


  1. Birthday
  2. Pancake Day
  3. Christmas Day
  4. Holiday
  5. Independance Day (the film)
  6. Saturday
  7. Friday
  8. Mid-Day
  9. National speak like a pirate day
  10. Joke of the day
  11. Darren Day
  12. Faraday
  13. Wackaday

The Brown Foods Group

Nutritionists advise us to have a balanced diet, to avoid too much of one thing. A handy rule of thumb is to eat 5 fruits a day, 5 types of pudding and 5 brown foods a day. Stick to a packet of winegums, a whole battenburg cake and 5 or more of the following brown foods every day and you'll be fine:

Sausage rolls
Potatoes in all their various forms, including Smash
Cake (Don't worry, a brown pudding does not count twice)
Peanut butter
Meat - all forms
Tea cakes

Note: brown vegetables (parsnips, turnips, swede) are technically not part of the brown foods group, they are officially classified as sort of yellowish.

17 things to do before you die

  1. feel unwell
  2. feel worse
  3. feel really really bad
  4. suffer searing pain in chest
  5. clutch heart
  6. heart stops
  7. panic
  8. take terminal breath
  9. evacuate bowels
  10. brain starts to die
  11. see welcoming white light
  12. see self as if floating above
  13. smile blissfully
  14. brain dies
  15. welcoming white light fades to black
  16. experience immense disappointment
  17. not smiling any more

Top Ten Playground Games

  1. Conkers
  2. Bulldog
  3. Marbles
  4. Football (with a tennis ball)
  5. Tag
  6. Pogs
  7. Stuck in the Mud
  8. Hopskotch
  9. Skidding
  10. Army

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pimp my..

archimedes screw
herb garden
illuminated manuscript

Truth and Lies

  1. You are my honey, honeysuckle.
  2. I am the bee.
  3. I am the egg man.
  4. I shot the sherrif.
  5. I did not shoot no deputy.
  6. I come from a land down under.
  7. I love the sound of breaking glass.
  8. There are two men in my life.
  9. Baby I was born to run.
  10. Girls just wanna have fun.
  11. She loves you
  12. I got you (I feel good)
  13. You can't always get what you want.

Only 5 and 13 are true

List of days on which I will not be posting any lists due to holiday

25th October 2008
26th October 2008
27th October 2008
28th October 2008
29th October 2008
30th October 2008
31st October 2008
Possibly 1st November 2008 depending on what time I get back home

Failed Friendships and Reasons For Failure

Chris B - drunkenness (mine)
Brian G - lost touch
Steve G - apathy
Al - holiday
Jon - uninvited sexual advances
Frazer - avoidance (his)
Graham - apathy
Bren - apathy
Pal - avoidance (mine)
Chris S - apathy
Alan M - apathy
B - unreconcilable musical differences
Lee - apathy

Top Ten Garden Tools

  1. Chainsaw
  2. Axe
  3. Strimmer
  4. Hoe
  5. Rake
  6. Lawnmower
  7. Fork
  8. Spade
  9. Shovel
  10. Shears
  11. Trowel

Musical Instruments I Don't Play Anymore and the Reasons Why I Don't Play Them Anymore

Piano - too hard
Mouth Organ - too small
Penny whistle - too fiddly
Cello - too big
Tambourine - too gay
Keyboard - too many fun noises
Bottle xylophone - evaporation
Trumpet - at neighbour's request
Electric guitar - at wife's request
Trombone - burst lung

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Top Ten Excuses

  1. Dog ate it
  2. Alarm didn't go off
  3. Leaves on the track
  4. Stuck in traffic
  5. Credit crunch
  6. Snowed in
  7. Cat was sick on it
  8. Family Problems
  9. Womens problems(Beyond the scope of this blog)
  10. Incontinence

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cool Vid - not a list


World's Best Mug Slogans

World's best Mum
World's best Dad
World's best Brother
World's best Sister
World's best Grandmother
World's best Grandfather
World's best Step Brother
World's best Dad's New Partner
World's best 'Uncle'
World's best Mum's Current Boyfriend
World's best Fosterparent
World's best Social Worker
World's best Arresting Officer
World's best Defence Lawyer
World's best Prison Visitor
World's best Probation Officer

Non SI Units - Supplement

There is of course a tendency in the media to describe large areas in terms of Belgium or Wales as in, 'An area half the size of Belgium is deforested each year', or 'An area the size of Wales was recently under water in last week's floods in err Wales.'

Top Ten Non-SI Units

  1. Double Decker Buses
  2. Eiffel Towers
  3. Empire State Buildings
  4. Football pitches (real football)
  5. Blue whales
  6. Times round The Earth
  7. Olympic swimming pools
  8. The Sun
  9. Distance to the moon
  10. Domestic light bulbs

Monday, October 20, 2008


File ref Artist Album
89 AfroCelt Sound System Further In time
326 albinoni adagio
A19 Amiina Kurr
145 anthology of english folk cd1
147 anthology of english folk cd2
A9 Arcade fire Neon Bible
281 armstrong gibbs dale and fell
307 armstrong gibbs songs
260 athlete beautiful (single)
35 Athlete Tourist
57 Athlete Vehicles and Animals
12 Athlete Vehicles and Animals DVD
217 athlete you got the style
233 baby bird ugly beautiful
317 bach brandenberg concertos
207 Badly Drawn Boy have you fed the fish?
123 Badly Drawn Boy Once Around The Block (Single)
365 bat for lashes fur and gold
255 beck odelay
168 bessy smith the essential cd1
169 bessy smith the essential cd2
338 billie holliday lady in satin
336 billie holliday lover man
239 bix beiderbecke collection
A5 Bizet Carmen
5 Bjork Debut
25 Bjork Homogenic
39 Bjork Medulla
285 Bjork post
A35 Bjork Volta
183 blue one love
244 blur country house (single)
27 Blur Leisure
265 blur parklife
37 Blur The Great Escape
273 blur think tank
323 britten st nicholas
387 Britten Turn of the screw
193 busted a present for everyone
209 byrd Masses for 4 and 5 voices
95 Cahornega Cahhornega
220 cd review 1992 pick of the year
373 charlotte gainsbourg 05:55
219 chill compilation chill compilation
218 christina aguilera can't hold us down
23 Coldplay A rush of blood to the head
7 Coldplay Parachutes
155 crosby / sinatra christmas
71 Dandy Warhols 13 Tales
54 Daniel Agust Swallowed A Star
a71 debussy l'oeuvre pour piano cd1
a75 debussy l'oeuvre pour piano cds 2 & 3
a73 debussy l'oeuvre pour piano cds 4 & 5
A23 Delius On hearing the first cuckoo in spring
375 devendra banhart cripple crow
349 dido life for rent
125 Die Arzte Gerausch CD1
127 Die Arzte Gerausch CD2
105 Dirty Pretty Things Waterloo to anywhere
251 dodgy free peace sweet
249 dodgy homegrown
65 Doves The Last Broadcast
316 dvorak golden spinning wheel
318 dvorak piano concerto 33
185 dvorak string serenade
225 echobelly everyones got one
173 echobelly on
241 elastica elastica
a49 elgar cello concerto, sea pictures
41 Eliza Carthy Anglicana
75 Eliza Carthy Definitive Collection
31 Eliza Carthy Rough Music
224 ella fitzgerald 30 by ella
199 ella fitzgerald gold cd1
200 ella fitzgerald gold cd2
333 ella fitzgerald gold collection cd1
334 ella fitzgerald gold collection cd2
335 ella fitzgerald jerome kern song book
182 ella fitzgerald the best of the songbooks
73 Emma Kirkby Time Stands Still
a69 emma pollack watch the fireworks
152 faure nocturnes
319 faure quartet
299 faure requiem
247 fountains of wayne welcome interstate managers
33 Franz Ferdinand Franz Ferdinand
295 garbage garbage
175 giuliani guitar concertos
21 Goldfrapp Black Cherry
121 Goldfrapp Felt Mountain
133 Goldfrapp Supernature
267 gomez liquid skin
A15 Gus Gus Forever
331 handel messiah cd1
332 handel messiah cd2
171 hans rott symphony in E maj
139 hayseed dixie a hillbilly tribute to ac dc
350 humperdinck hansel and gretel cd1
359 humperdinck hansel and gretel cd2
3 Ian Brown Music of the spheres
165 iarla o lionaird invisible fields
261 idlewild the remote part
345 idlewild warnings promises
211 jennifer lopez jenny from the block
371 joanna newsom the milk eyed mender
367 joanna newsom ys
101 John Lee Hooker Trouble Blues
A1 Josh Groban awake
43 Kaiser Chiefs Employment
272 karine polwart faultlines
163 karine polwart scribbled in chalk
93 Kasabian Empire
303 kate bush the red shoes
47 Kate Rusby 10
381 Kate Rusby Awkward Annie
49 Kate Rusby Hourglass
135 Kate Rusby Little lights
129 Kate Rusby Sleepless
51 Kate Rusby The Girl Who Couldn't Fly
59 Kate Rusby Underneath The Stars
263 keane hope and fears
353 kenna new sacred cow
A41 kent du & jag döden
A17 Kent Hagnesta Hill
A13 Kent Isola
a61 kent tillbaka till samtiden
A29 Kent Vapen and ammunition
379 Kent Verkligen
111 Kings of Leon Youth and Young Manhood
99 Kinky Friedman From One Good American to Another
293 kula shaker kula shaker
340 lalo symphonie espagnole
A45 lavender diamond imagine our love
63 Led Zeppelin III
69 Led Zeppelin IV
275 Led Zeppelin prescence
291 lightning seeds dizzy heights
223 little walter blues with a feeling
327 lloyd webber joseph
144 louis armstrong I've got rhythm
151 louis jordan jump jive
243 madonna american life
13 Mahler Symphony No. 5
357 maroon 5 songs about jane
A37 maroon 5 songs about jane
A47 maximo park a certain trigger
A21 Maximo Park Our earthly pleasures
192 mcfly room on the 3rd floor
253 mercury rev all is dream
313 mercury rev secret migration
181 michael keen Duo pastoral (recorder)
259 moby 18
245 moby play
389 mozart Marriage of Figaro
322 mozart requiem
156 mozart symphony 40 etc
154 mozart symphony 41
228 mozart symphony no. 40
a55 mozart violin concertos cd1
a57 mozart violin concertos cd2
377 nathan fake drowning in a sea of love
355 Nightmares on wax car boot soul
117 Nightmares on wax In a space Outta soul
157 NOW 44 NOW 44
191 now 53 cd1
187 now 64 cd1
188 now 64 cd2
103 Oasis Definitely maybe
102 Oasis Roll with it
A33 oklahoma sound track
124 Padraig Carroll The Irish Mandolin (Tutor CD)
339 palestrina mass
202 palestrina missa aeterna christi munera
201 palestrina missa papae marcelle
347 paolo nutini these streets
186 part arbos
341 part BACH
212 passamezzo galimaufry
342 pergolesi stabat mater
A27 Peter bjorn and john Falling out
A11 Peter bjorn and john Peter Bjorn and John
A7 Peter bjorn and john Writer's Block
77 Pink Floyd Animals
287 Pink Floyd dark side of the moon
283 Pink Floyd saucer full of secrets
79 Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here
337 porgy and bess porgy and bess
305 portishead dummy
329 pulp common people
320 purcell birthday odes for queen mary
324 purcell didp and anaeus
210 purcell olinda
179 purcell (kirkby) music for awhile
227 rachmaninov piano concerto 2 and 3
271 radiohead hail to the thief
246 radiohead just (single)
131 Radiohead Kid A
29 Radiohead Pablo Honey
1 Radiohead The bends
61 Ray Lamontagne Trouble
297 rem automatic for the people
279 rem document
215 rem green
203 rem life's rich pageant
205 rem monster
213 rem murmur
311 rem reckoning
301 rem the best of
17 Roddy Woomble My Secret Is my Silence
a59 russell watson outside in
a51 schubert ave maria - songs
143 schubert die sonne mullesien
A31 schubert lieder
363 scissor sisters scissor sisters
a63 scraping foetus off the wheel hole
a65 scraping foetus off the wheel nail
159 seal seal
369 seth lakeman freedom fields
19 Sheryl Crow C'mon, c'mon
149 show of hands country life cd
150 show of hands country life promo
55 Sigur Ros ( )
53 Sigur Ros Takk
170 simon mayor mandolin tutor
343 sinead o connor am I not your girl?
330 six pence none the richer kiss me
257 snow patrol eyes open
a67 sol seppy psssscheoow
361 sol seppy the bells of 1 2
328 sonny boy williamson 9 below 0
315 Sor Guitar favourites
235 starsailor silence is easy
158 steps steps
153 stern's african moves vol 2
325 sting dream of blu turtles
85 Stravinsky The Rite Of Spring / Firebird
189 sugarbabes angels with dirty faces
167 sugarbabes three
289 supergrass I should coco
177 supergrass in it for the money
97 Tallis Lamentations of Jeremiah
96 Tallis Spem In Alium
91 Tchaikovsky Symphony 6
a77 tchaikovsky symphony 6 + eugene oneguine
a53 tchaikovsky violin concerto
137 Tears for fears the hurting
195 the big session vol 1
113 The chillout sessions CD1
115 The chillout sessions CD2
141 the cranberries everybody else is doing it so why can't we?
383 The Fray How to save a life
119 The Killers Sam's Town
9 The Knife Deep Cuts
11 The Knife Deep Cuts DVD
83 The Knife Silent Shout
15 The Knife The Knife
351 the kooks inside out
197 the libertines the libertines
229 the police regatta de blanc
67 The Strokes Is this it
277 the thrills so much for the city
107 The very best of pure hip hop CD1
109 The very best of pure hip hop CD2
81 The White Stripes Elephant
237 the who best of
221 tracy chapman collection
269 travis the man who
45 Turin Brakes jack In a Box
87 U2 Achtung Baby
92 Various Blues Collection
190 Various christmas
385 Various (Mojo) In search of Syd
A3 Various (Previn) Klassic fur kinder
A39 Various Artist Unforgettable love songs
161 vashti bunyan just another diamond day
176 vaughan williams a sea symphony (no. 1)
A25 vaughan williams Fantasia on a theme by thomas tallis
344 verdi favourites
321 wagner various
231 walton belshazzar's feast
309 yann tiersen amelie